Who do I call if I want information, a quotation or to place an order?

Our UK and US offices are waiting to hear from you. You can email info@magstimegi.com or call:
International +44 (0)1994 220176
US and Canada +1 612.225.5868 or +1 844.624.7846

How do I place a service request?

If you would like to place a service request this can be arranged by contacting our Customer Service Manager in the Oregon office +1.541.687.7962 or contact support@magstimegi.com

Is my warranty still valid?

Yes, if the dates are still under warranty. If you have any questions then please call +1 541.687.7962 or contact support@magstimegi.com

What about my order that has not shipped? Do I need to reorder it?

Any current orders that haven’t yet been shipped will be handled by Magstim. If you have any questions please contact sales@magstimegi.com

I have received my system but it hasn't been installed yet and I haven't received training - what should I expect?

Installation and training will be handled by Magstim. Please contact support@magstimegi.com

Is my quote still valid?

Your quote is still valid through the expiration date. If the quotation has expired, you can email sales@magstimegi.com to renew or call:
International +44 (0)1994 220176
US and Canada +1 612.225.5868 or +1 844.624.7846

I have a technical question, who can I speak with?

If you have a technical question please call +1 541 687 7962 or email support@magstimegi.com

I have a medical affairs question, who can I speak with?

If you have a question relating to medical affairs, please contact medicalaffairs@magstimegi.com

Can you tell me more about plans for future development for EGI products?

We are excited about the synergies between Magstim and EGI. This new partnership provides a development platform for future innovation as we integrate these two technologies.

I have some ideas about improved EGI products? Who can I speak with?

We would love to hear from you. Please email support@magstimegi.com with your suggestions.

Will lead times change with the transition to Magstim?

We are not anticipating any significant changes to lead times. Magstim has a legacy of service, care and product integrity. If you are expecting a shipment and have any questions, please contact sales@magstimegi.com

Do we expect any delay in the integration due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak?

Coronavirus is in the minds of our customers and employees across the globe, but at the same time we must continue with our business, as healthcare and access has never been more important. We will continue to use technology to ensure that we connect and provide a seamless transition. Our installation and training experts will work with you to meet your specific needs. Contact support@magstimegi.com with any questions.

I have a complaint, who do I notify?

We take all your concerns seriously and maintaining quality, performance and safety are our highest priorities.  Please email complaints@magstimegi.com with any issues you may have.

Has my technical support representative changed?

We recognize that there have been some changes. We are pleased to share that a number of key EGI team members have joined the MagstimEGI team. The entire Magstim team is looking forward to working with you to support your EEG research. Please contact support@magstimegi.com for more information.

Who is my local country representative (Internationally)?

To locate your closest distributor, please email sales@magstimegi.com or call +44 (0)1994 220176.

Who is my sales representative in the US and Canada?

Please contact sales@magstimegi.com or call +1 612.225.5868 or +1 844.624.7846 to have your local representative reach out to you.